Happening Now!

Need some inspiration while you are staying safe at home? We have made three video adventures you can do anytime. All THREE are out NOW on YouTube!

These online voyages in storytelling, games and drawing are for children of all ages (and their adults too). Just grab some pencils and paper and watch the videos any time you need to escape while staying right where you are.

Video 1: Shipyard Island on YouTube
Video 2: Archipelago on YouTube
Video 3: Reef on YouTube

Comissioned by the wondrful Royal Docks team. www.royaldocks.london

Become a Wondering Wanderer and explore the Royal Docks in London with our FREE family story map.


Follow the bold and whimsical adventurer Tam and discover everything you need to have your own adventure on foot or by bike. Find curious tales and strange mysteries you’ll be making up your own strange stories before you know it

You can find the map in print around the Royal Docks (there’s a list of locations below) or download the maps here:


OK you should be able to pick up a paper map for free in the following places in the Royal Docks, London:

  • Royal Docks Leaning + Activity Centre
  • Britannia Village Hall
  • West Silvertown Foundation
  • Expressway
  • ASTA community centre
  • Custom House Library
  • Newham Dockside

Created by…

Patchlarks is run by Oliver Wallace who has made wondrous work for, and with, children and adults for 10 years, especially as lead creative at The House of Fairy Tales and collaborating with Thrift.

The joyous narrative based adventures he creates have been experienced by tens of thousands of children in schools, museums, festivals, historic properties, giant snails, public parks, private parties, community centres and forest hideaways across the country.

Patchlarks is driven by his deep love of storytelling, playfullness and the natural world, and the desire to create every-day magic from virtually nothing.

Get in touch over here.