Patchlark’s Social Mission Statement

A Social Enterprise

Patchlarks is a social enterprise which means we are committed to persue our social mission and to reinvest any excess resources we have towards furthering this mission. Here you can find our social mission in its current form.

Our Vision

Our vison is for today’s children to grow up to be active parts of a fair and prosperous society based on acceptance, compassion, critical thought, generosity and a sustainable, loving relationship with the natural world.

Our Mission

Our mission is to work towards this vision through creating and running richly imaginative play and storytelling based activities for young people which:

  • promote the qualities of compassion, empathy, theory of mind, bravery, curiosity, resilience and critical thinking.
  • promote knowledge, enjoyment and the conservation of the natural world.
  • emphasise collaboration throughout and involve the generous sharing of our practice.
  • model a highly creative and resourceful approach, making a lot from a little.
  • offer rich and delightful experiences.
  • reach a wide audience from the highly privileged to the highly underprivileged.
  • leave communities with greater confidence to engage in imaginative and playful activity of their own.

Our values:

Brave – We are brave about growing, acting on what we have learned, trying something new. We are brave about setting out to seek prosperity with an uncertainty of outcome.

Curious – We are curious to find out new things from new people, and seek new discoveries and understanding wherever we end up.

Generous – We are generous with our practice in a spirit of openness and sharing. We have a show not tell attitude, embodying our values.

Compassionate – Our desire to act on compassion drives us to leave communities better than we found them, even in small ways. This means listening closely and actively wherever we go.

Critical – As critical thinkers we do not always accept the status quo or the first thing we hear – we believe in thoughtful exploration of knowledge, actions and assumptions.

Resourceful – We exercise our resourcefulness wherever we go, aiming to make a lot from whatever we have available.

Playful – We practice our playfulness in the belief that delight and play create transformational conditions for both individuals and communities.