Storytelling adventures for events, parties and familiy days

We are experts at creating joyful characters, shows, workshops and more that electrify events and bring venues to life. Our collaborative storytelling and immersive games celebrate the strange, wondrous and hilarious tales that are hidden all around us.

Our adventures appear at placemaking events, museums, festivals, corporate events, parties and anywhere that familes can be found.

As well as creating bespoke projects we have some brilliantly crafted offers that are ready to arrive at your event:

Walkabout Storytelling

The Wandering Wonderer is our brilliant walkabout act creating joyful, improvised stories with children and families about whatever is going on around us.

Born in creative placemaking events but it brings highly engaging fun just about anywhere!

Improvised Shows

Highly adaptable to your context, whether round the campfire or on a stage our improvised shows are always an event!

All kinds of things have happened from creating a story potion for the tree of wonders to interviewing an under-water tentacle monster; from zooming into the tiny world in a patch of moss to forming an impromptu seagull choir!


With a wealth of myths folk tales stories in our repertoir we weave entrancing tales.

We also write shows to themes creating imaginary worlds that leave young people full of wonder and on fire with curiosity.

Drawing Workshops

With quality, sustainable materials and expert facilitation and a super inclusive approach, everyone is soon inventing, and totally absorbed.

We also offer all kinds of other workshops that can be tailored to your event.

Nature Workshops

We have a range of workshops suitable for natural outdoor areas aimed at building curiosity and facination with the natural worlds.

Interactive Characters + Walkabout

We work with a host of fantastic performers and artists who are ready to bring your event to life, offering challenges activities and inventive interactive shenanigans for families.

Photos on this page by Ben Zeng, Claire Lawrie, Emma Nathan